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Consoles I own

I'll also give you a count of how many games I have on that system out of how many games came out for it.


NES (674/810)

SNES (324/784)

N64 (72/296)

Gamecube (37/646)

Nintendo Wii (16/1220)

Wii U (10/85)+

Gameboy (54/814)

Gameboy Color (19/504)

Gameboy Advance (86/973)(origional and SP)

Nintendo DS (102/1297)(DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS)

3DS (14/168)+

Japanese Consoles

Famicom (232/1055)

Super Famicom (56/1672)

iQue Player (14/14)

Console Variations

Nintendo Top Loader (Top Loading NES)

Nintoaster (NES Made out of a toaster)

Nintoaster 64 (N64 Made out of a toaster)

Gameboy Micro (Portable Famicom)

Game & Watch (3/62) (Not really a variation, just really cool though)!

M82 Demo Unit (Only 1,000 made! It was in stores to display games)

Panasonic Q (Gamecube and DVD player combined)


Sega SG-1000 (30/31) (Both Models)

Sega Master System (42/318)(Both Models)

Sega Genesis (145/918)(All 3 Models)!

Sega CD (92/220) (Both models)

Sega 32X (12/34)

Sega Saturn (65/561)

Sega Dreamcast (143/720)

Sega Game Gear (32/363)


Atari 2600 (796/1804)

Atari 5200 (45/69)

Atari 7800 (51/59)

Atari Jaguar (54/67)

Atari Jaguar CD (6/15)

Atari Lynx (23/71)(Both Models)


Playstation 1 (40/2418)(Both models)

Playstation 2 (67/2016)(Both Models)

Playstation 3 (13/760)+ (Only Slim)

PSP (6/797) (Original model)

PS VITA (4/65)+


Xbox (19/968)

Xbox 360 (65/721)+ 

SNK (neo geo)

Neo Geo AES (23/865)

Neo Geo CD (11/231)(Both Models)

Neo Geo Pocket Color (4/85)


Magnavox Odyssey (14/14)

Magnavox Odyssey 2 (39/81) 

NEC CORPoration

Turbo Grafx 16 (87/94)

Turbo Grafx CD (16/45)

PC-Engine (137/287)

PC-Engine CD (43/417)(Both Models)

SuperGrafx (4/5)

Other Variants

TurboDuo (Turbo Grafx 16 and CD Unit Combined)

TurboExpress (Portable TurboGrafx 16) 


Commodore 64 (34/10942)

Commodore 64 Game System (28/432)

Commodore CDTV (55/155)

Amiga 500 (7/200)

Amiga CD32 (16/177)

Vic-20 (


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